Caterpillars for Sale

Caterpillars for sale are a great option for those who cannot find a caterpillar outdoors or need to provide caterpillars for an entire class. For some, may sound quite strange, however, in reality many people search for live caterpillars for sale. You may want to buy caterpillars for your kid’s classes, which is a great way to bring joy to learning, or to release butterflies at your wedding.

Live butterfly caterpillars can be purchased online, at quite a low cost, together with food supplies that the larvae needs to have enough nutrients to pupate and them turn into a butterfly. Additionally, butterfly caterpillars for sale may be supplemented with butterfly raising kits that include the feeder, the butterfly tent that protects the larvae from creeping away and being eaten or damaged, a magnifying glass that helps observe larvae life in detail.

What Caterpillars for Sale Are Available Today?

If you search the web you will be offered find the following options in the first place :

Painted Lady Caterpillars for Sale

Painted Lady Caterpillars for SalePainted lady caterpillars for sale is probably the most popular option. Painted lady caterpillars are great for beginners and they are readily available all other the Internet. For example, they can be purchased at Amazon at any time with a good discount. In fact, most live butterfly kits for young (and not only young!) insect life investigators come with painted lady butterfly larvae. As a rule, painted lady butterfly larvae food is provided with every order.

Monarch Caterpillars for Sale

Monarch Caterpillars for SaleMonarch butterfly caterpillars for sale are also a very popular option. However, they may be a bit more expensive because of the larger size of the butterflies. But it is important to make sure you have some milkweed plants around to feed your monarch butterfly caterpillars until they pupate. However, the birth of a monarch butterfly and seeing how it spreads it wings is so fascinating!

White Peacock Caterpillars for Sale

White peacock caterpillars for sale can also be found online, the price varies depending on the size of the caterpillar.

  • White Peacock Large Caterpillar (Over 3/4 inch) - $3.00
  • White Peacock Small Caterpillar (Hatchling to 3/8 inch) - $1.00
  • White Peacock Med. Caterpillar ( 3/8 to 3/4 inch) - $1.00

The following butterfly caterpillars are also available for sale but by fewer sellers and quite often with territorial restrictions (can be shipped only within specific states):

  • Red Admiral Caterpillars
  • Julia Caterpillars
  • Viceroy Caterpillars
  • Buckeye Caterpillars
  • Giant Swallowtail Caterpillars

What's the Price for Caterpillars for Sale?

Generally, the cost of Caterpillars for Sale ranges from $ 0.50 to $ 5 per caterpillar. The cost of the caterpillars for sale depends on the variety and the size of the larvae. For example, monarch butterfly larvae is generally more expensive because of the size of the resulting butterfly and limited number of shops offering the monarch caterpillars for sale. Bigger and mature caterpillars are commonly more expensive.

What It Is Important to Know About Caterpillars for Sale?

First and most important, not all caterpillars for sale come with food supplies for the caterpillars. And the right type of food for the larvae is of primary importance. Read more how to buy butterfly larvae and see them turn into butterflies.