Buy Caterpillars!

If you want to buy caterpillars you are in the right place! The Buy Caterpillars website will help you find out where to buy caterpillars, just any type of caterpilla one can imagine! You may want to buy caterpillars that turn into butterflies, toy caterpillars for kids or kids play caterpillar and butterfly tents, or even caterpillar boots - no problem! Not just that, you will find some ideas how to get live caterpillars without buying them. Just check related sections of our website!

Buy Caterpillars That Turn Into Butterflies

If you need buy caterpillars that turn into butterflies the easiest way is to get a caterpillar refill certificate for live butterfly kits. Raising caterpillars, releasing butterflies and butterfly gardening are amazing hobbies, not just for kids but also for parents. It’s not a secret that kids adore caterpillars and butterflies. Raising live caterpillars allows to experience the metamorphosis miracle and turns studying the nature’s cycles into and enjoyable pastime. And the educational value of watching as the caterpillar grows, pupates and then transforms into a beautiful butterfly cannot be overestimated!

What Caterpillars Should I Buy?

Painted lady caterpillars are perfect for beginners and you can easily buy these caterpillars online. The caterpillars are mailed together with food supplies sufficient for the entire larvae period - your caterpillars won’t starve. And even if they run out of food you can easily refill food supplies with the suitable plants from your garden. However, you need to know what sort of food they need. You can get some basic information at What Do caterpillars Eat Website.

You Can Raise Butterflies Even Without Buying Caterpillars!

You can buy caterpillars online at any moment. However, there is another great option besides buying caterpillars - you can find the caterpillars in your own garden or in the field, identify them, give them the food they need and see them turn into wonderful butterflies! The educational value of this experience is just immense! What you need is a good caterpillar guide with images, caterpillar identification info and host plant (food) information.

With such a guide you won’t have to buy new caterpillars every time the old ones grow and fly away. The price is just unbelievably funny - twice the cost of caterpillar refill certificate for 5 larvae. And this books gives you thousands of caterpillars for FREE and all the information you need to find, identify and raise caterpillars and even how to attract egg-laying butterflies to your garden and turn it into a butterfly paradise!

Do I need to buy anything besides caterpillars?

Yes, if you want to prevent caterpillars from crawling out and becoming victims of pets, birds, mice or an incidental damage you need a butterfly habitat - a transparent mini-tent that will serve as home for your little friends until they expand their wings and you set them free. Caterpillars don’t need much exercise, what they need is plenty of food because eating is their primary task (you can even say job!). They will be safe and comfortable in a transparent habitat. You can buy this caterpillar habitat just once and use it multiple times, unless you have too many caterpillars of various species. Then you’ll probably need another one:) Caterpillar habitats can the obtained separately or as a part of a live butterfly kit. I hope this site helps you not just buy caterpillars but also find a lot of other great caterpillar and butterfly stuff and help you turn kids’ education into an enjoyable hobby for the whole family!